Low Cost Spay/Neuter

The Humane Society of Warren County, through partnership with Anicira Vet Clinic, proudly offer low-cost spay and neuter surgery to our community.  

Spay and neuter surgery goes a long way in preventing unwanted pets from inundating our shelters, and helps control the dog and cat overpopulation issues.  Altering your pets also has added health benefits, like preventing testicular cancer and some prostate problems for males, and preventing uterine infections and breast tumors for females.

Your pet will be in good hands with Anicira, who have performed over 175,000 surgeries since 2005, and the Humane Society of Warren County will take care of transportation!

Trips are scheduled twice each month on Wednesdays.  The space is limited, so call early to schedule!  We are unable to accept dogs over 90 pounds.


Male Cats: $69

Female Cats: $79

Dogs under 50 lbs:  $129

Dogs 50 to 75 lbs:  $139

Dogs 75 to 90 lbs:  $169

We do require that you provide proof of a rabies vaccination, otherwise a vaccination will be given at the time of the surgery for an additional charge to the owner of $19.  Additional services are available, including deworming, ear cleaning, heartworm preventative, bloodwork and microchipping.

Please review the forms below before your appointment!

Surgical Consent Form 2020 (Rescue Rates)

Notice to the Public

Anicira Reminder Sheet



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