Fostering for the Humane Society is rewarding and challenging, and a huge part of our strategy to maintain our no-kill status.

Fostering an animal is taking care of an animal in your home for a period of time, without adopting it.  Sometimes fosters are needed for a few days, and sometimes for months or years.  We use fosters during kitten season for babies that need around the clock care, when an animal is recovering from an injury or surgery, or if an animal is uncomfortable in the shelter environment.

Not all animals need fosters, and many benefit more from being in the shelter where they will be in front of adopters.  Check in at the shelter to find out which animals are approved for fostering.

While an animal is in a foster home, they are still the legal custody of the shelter, which means that the Humane Society must oversee the vaccinations and care of the animals while they are in your home.  Any medical procedures or vet visits must be approved in advance by the Shelter Leadership Team in order to get those expenses covered by the shelter.

The Foster Care Program brings caring individuals and needing animals together providing special care in a home setting until the animal is ready for adoption.

If you think fostering is right for your family, please fill out an application or visit the shelter for more information.

Foster Application