Trap Neuter Return

Trap, Neuter, Return – TNR

The Humane Society of Warren County has a growing TNR program.  TNR is a safe, humane and effective way to address feral cat colonies.

TNR involves setting traps in order to catch outdoor, unowned and unsocialized cats.  Once trapped, they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and released back to their colony.  This is a service that we proudly offer to property owners who are struggling to manage a growing cat population.

Did you know that kittens can become pregnant at as young as 4-months old?  And that an unsprayed female can have as many as 180 kittens during her lifetime?



A successful TNR program requires help from the property owners to track progress and maintain traps.  It also requires funding!  Our cost for surgeries alone is $75 per animal, not including vaccinations and labor.

To apply for help, please start by filling out the form below, and submitting it to the shelter:

TNR Protocol and Application